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A PurePlay Note is the instrument used to embody a sale of unmined minerals held in Reserves by a miner.

We’ll use gold as a proxy for minerals for the sake of simplicity but a PurePlay Note will be possible for virtually any minerals including oil and gas.


Inevitably, with a new and innovative product, the market takes some time to mature and reach a stage where issuers are comfortable with the level of PurePlays that they can handle without strain on their production resources, and Investors are comfortable with assessing the risk and reward balance of a particular issue.

What We Offer


The PurePlay® Product has been developed to address a number of voids in the commodity markets.

The First Void

The first void is the need for Investors to access a “pure” commodity investment in a cost-efficient manner particularly with reference to the logistics and storage challenges that such investments pose. Exchange traded funds developed as a response to the need of Investors for an investment in purely one commodity with intermediary costs. The PurePlay® Note removes all intermediaries and connects the investor directly with the Producer in the most cost-efficient manner.

The Second Void

The second void is the inability, at the moment, of commodity Producers to tap into their largest source of value, their Proven and Probable Reserves, without first mining and refining them. Commodity Producers have to invest a significant portion of their capital into the acquisition and development of Proven and Probable Reserves. Proven and Probable Reserves have been scientifically established to exist and have been estimated in quantity and quality to a very high degree of certainty.

Why Choose Us

a commodity investment vehicle of unmatched cost efficiency

The PurePlay® Product is a unique design combining four anchoring components to achieve its design objectives.

Eases the Process

Pricing of any PurePlay® Instrument is at the spot price of the commodity in which the PurePlay® Instrument is denominated and issued less the discounted value of the delivery risk of the miner. A PurePlay® Gold Instrument will thus trade at the spot gold price less the credit spread of the issuing miner calculated as a discount against spot over the period of the issue.

Value Creation

Investors are always faced with a long list of costs and risks when making an investment in commodities. With PurePlay® Notes the investment objective is to gain the advantage of commodity price movements and portfolio diversification at a market related price and risk within a narrowly defined investment product.

Cost Efficient

The result is a commodity investment vehicle of unmatched cost efficiency which simultaneously unlocks previously inaccessible exceptional value for commodity Producers.


A PurePlay® Note allows the Investor to link his investment directly to the mineral reserves of the miner and to achieve a narrow one commodity-only investment risk at a discount equal to the credit risk of the miner.

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