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Latest News

PPH is issuing an invite to interested parties who wish to become involved in rolling out PurePlay Notes in the geographies of South Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA. Please contact us using the “Contact Us” email on this website to initiate a conversation.

Accounting and Tax opinions revisited for validity and the impact of IFRS 15 (Revenue recognition) relative to the opinions held. No significant impact upon what has already been dealt with.

Pricing the PurePlay notes with reference to current market instruments reached conclusion. Institutional Investors and potential market traders agree upon the pricing of Pre-Paids as the preferred benchmark pricing mechanism.

Independent marketing survey to assess potential PurePlay® Gold and Platinum group metals Notes demand from institutional Investors concluded successfully. Results very positive. Pricing the Notes a technical issue to be resolved.

Ongoing contact with potential issuers dealing with technical matters proceeding well. Work commenced with initiating an independent marketing survey of a sample of South African institutional Investors.

PPH has completed all formalities and requirements to finally receive the official Regulation 28 approval from the SARB classifying the PurePlay® Notes as a “Local Asset” for institutional investment portfolios.

PurePlay Holdings together with the 1st potential issuer have requested SA Reserve Bank approval for the listing of the 1st PurePlay Gold Notes on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange to be classified as a “Local Asset” for South African institutional Investors. The minerals being sold are SA minerals but all minerals are classified by SARB as international assets due to their international pricing.

The SA VAT treatment of PurePlay® Instruments needed confirmation from SARS that the trading in PurePlay Instruments will not attract VAT. SA Revenue Services (SARS) requested a Senior Counsel Opinion on the legal status of the sale of unmined minerals. The PurePlay legal team has set the process in motion for early next year after the December recess.  

The PurePlay legal team today briefed Senior Counsel on the Opinion required for the sale of unmined minerals as requested by SARS and National Treasury. All the technical aspects were dealt with and Peter Dawe, the leader of the legal team, advised that he is confident that the sale is legally sound but expects that the question will be thoroughly investigated before Senior Counsel will give an Opinion.  

The SA Reserve Bank advised that the request for Local Asset status of PurePlay® Instruments has been submitted to National Treasury for approval.

The final SC Opinion (together with a Junior Counsel) on the legal status of the sale of unmined minerals concludes that it is a valid legal sale. We will now submit the SC Opinion to SARS and National Treasury for their perusal. We await the outcome of the VAT application.  

The SA Reserve Bank requested a broad Risk Evaluation of the PurePlay® Instrument including risks of currency movements across SA borders. The PurePlay® technical team together with potential issuers will proceed to prepare a comprehensive report on the risks and will submit same to SARB.

The PurePlay® marketing team will commence a series of meetings with potential issuers to update them on the status of submissions for approvals from SARS, SARB and National Treasury.

We were delighted to receive the approval from SARS on the VAT status of the PurePlay® Instruments. SARS has after consultation with National Treasury ruled that the PurePlay® Notes will be trading free of VAT as do all other listed instruments of a similar trading nature.

The PurePlay® technical team have completed the Risk Evaluation report after extensive consultation with potential issuers. The Risk Evaluation report can now be submitted to SARB for onward transmission to National Treasury.

The patent attorneys of PurePlay Holdings advised that the applications for the granting of final patents internationally have been submitted over the last few weeks marking another milestone for PurePlay Holdings in the protection of its intellectual property.  

The attorneys dealing with the PurePlay® trademarks advised that the Canadian authorities have approved the Nature’s Vault® trademark in Canada.

We have today received confirmation that the PurePlay patent applications for Australia has been submitted.

PPH has been advised by SARB that the application for “Local Asset” Status is being considered by National Treasury. Indications are that a policy statement will be required and it may take some time.

The USA correspondents advised that the PurePlay® final patents have been filed in the USA.

PPH provided additional information and macro-economic justification for the application to National Treasury via official channels to assist with the process of approving the request for Local Asset status of the PurePlay® Notes.

PPH has requested a meeting with National Treasury to assist with its application for the PurePlay® Notes to be classified as Local Assets.

Our USA attorneys advised that there has been an opposition filed against the registration of the PurePlay® trademark in the USA which will be attended to.

We have been advised by National Treasury that they have granted our meeting request and have arranged a meeting for 12 April 2016.

PPH did a full briefing to National Treasury on all aspects of the PurePlay® project. National Treasury requested additional information from PPH which we will supply to National Treasury asap.

PPH will proceed to inform potential Investors and issuers over the next few weeks on the discussions held with National Treasury. We will also obtain feedback and input from potential issuers and Investors.

PPH has successfully negotiated an agreement with the opposing party to its trademark. The door is now open to proceed with the registration of the PurePlay® trademark in the USA.

The SA Final Patent has been accepted by the SA patent authorities and will be published officially in August 2016.

The approval of Local Status of the PurePlay® Instruments is still in the official process. It is a new product with no precedents so the right fit inside official policy must be found and may need some adjustment. The process in ongoing.

PPH today received official notification that no further objections were raised against its trademark and that its trademark has been registered in the USA.

PPH has requested a follow up meeting with National Treasury to address any obstacles that may still prevent an approval of its request to have PurePlay® Instruments classified as a Local Asset. We now have an open dialogue with National Treasury and will report when we have a result.

PPH has been advised by SARB that National Treasury has concluded its process and that the matter is back at SARB. SARB will have an internal process to complete whereafter SARB will revert.

At a meeting today between SARB, the potential Market Maker and PPH, SARB approved Local Asset status for the application for the 1st PurePlay® Gold Note subject to the completion of some formalities.

PPH has initiated meetings with potential issuers and Investors now that the official approvals process has been concluded. Implementation negotiations will now begin and as such negotiations are sensitive we will not issue any news updates on this for the time being.

We have entered into sensitive negotiations with a number of issuers of and Investors in PurePlay Notes. These negotiations further involve third parties, market development & support entities and regulatory authorities. The result is that we will now discontinue the news updates until all regulatory and sensitive processes are complete. We will resume news items when we are ready for placing activity.

PurePlay Holdings has reached a significant milestone with achievement of a Mandate from its first potential Issuer. We still have a number of outstanding conditions to comply with said Peter Dawe, executive director of PurePlay Holdings but the way is now open to focus on implementation of the project. Detailed information will be released once the process has achieved greater finality.

The tax treatment of PurePlay® Instruments will be governed by Section 24C of the Income Tax Act, KPMG advised as part of its SA Tax Opinion. They further provided a comprehensive IFRS International Accounting Opinion for Issuers to follow when they account for the PurePlay® Instruments. Receipt of these two opinions concludes the PurePlay Holdings’ validation process having independently validated the product legally, for accounting purposes and in terms of taxation legislation.

Investor presentations have been on-going since the start of May 2014 and the reception of the PurePlay® concept is very positive. Presentations have also been made to potential market makers, traders and placing agents. There is strong demand for a cost efficient commodity investment vehicle and PurePlay® Instruments are the ultimate in cost efficiency at zero costs said Sarel Oberholster, director at PurePlay Holdings.

The PurePlay® Legal and Technical team today briefed the first potential Issuer’s legal representative for an evaluation of the PurePlay® Legal framework. It went very well said Peter Dawe, Director and leader of the PurePlay ®Legal Team. The Legal Representatives will report directly to the potential Issuer’s top management but we do not foresee any difficulties, he added.

The technical teams of KPMG and PurePlay Holding (Pty) Ltd (PPH) have completed their tasks on the IFRS International Accounting Opinion on PurePlay Instruments. We will now proceed to issue the Final IFRS Accounting Opinion before the end of April 2014, advised KPMG. The accounting treatment of PurePlay® Instruments will not impede the project in any way and the PPH Technical team in very pleased that KPMG has validated their view that PurePlay® Instrument will not be treated similarly to derivatives, nor will PurePlay® Instruments need to be “marked-to-market”.

Technical teams at PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd (PPH) are looking at a working Easter weekend with the Draft SA Tax Opinion now to hand. Potential Issuers have been eagerly awaiting this Opinion for a while, said Sarel Oberholster, a director of PPH. We will spend time with family but we will also make some time to do our assessments as we do not want to delay the process. The tax assessment has been a very technical process but KPMG is confident that PurePlay® Instruments will be tax neutral as had been expected by the PurePlay Design team.

The IP attorneys of PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd (PPH) advised that the application for registered trademarks for the PurePlay® Project has been successful. It is another milestone for us, said Peter Dawe, a director of PPH. We can now proceed with our marketing plans for the EU and the UK he added.

The final legal opinion regarding PurePlay® Instruments’ compliance with the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 ("MPRDA"); and Precious Metals Act, 2005 (the "PMA") and the Precious Metals Regulations issued under such Act (the "PMR") is in. Peter Leon at Webber Wentzel states that the PurePlay® Instrument “does not contravene any provision” of each of the MPRDA, the PMA or the PMR.

Advanced Draft Legal Opinion received from Peter Leon at Webber Wentzel was circulated dealing with the compliance of PurePlay® Instruments with the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002, and the Precious Metals Act, 2005 and the Precious Metals Regulations issued under such Act. Technical teams will prepare comment but no legal problems are expected for the PurePlay® Project at this stage.

The PurePlay® Instrument is a unique and novel new design which requires that PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd has to submit a Class Ruling request to the SA Revenue Services for clarity on its VAT treatment. We have prepared the application as well as a macro-economic evaluation of the country and social benefits flowing from the introduction of PurePlay® Instruments, said management. The application will be submitted before the end of March 2014, KPMG advised.

All comments, corrections and inputs have been submitted by technical team members to the First Draft IFRS Accounting Opinion on PurePlay Instruments. Next the KPMG Technical team will digest and coordinate all inputs whereafter a second Draft will be prepared. These processes are often seen as slow and overly conservative, the PurePlay team said, but we cannot compromise on quality during the validation process.

The First Draft of the IFRS International Accounting Opinion on PurePlay® Instruments was circulated by KPMG today. All technical team members will now vet the document and add comments and suggestions. The tax section is still open as it will be harmonized with the South African Tax opinion, said one of the technical team members. We can attend to all the accounting matters in the mean time, he added.

The management of PurePlay Holdings has been advised by KPMG that the technical teams have reached the stage where they are now preparing the International Accounting and SA Tax treatment opinions. It is expected that the opinions will be ready in the first half of March 2014.

PurePlay Holdings have been advised that the EU CTM trademarks have been accepted and are now lying for inspection and objection for a period of three months.

PurePlay Management advised that the PCT International Patent application is ready for submission. We expect our IP attorneys to lodge the International Patent application during the next week they said.

The technical teams of PurePlay Holdings and KPMG made significant progress on important technical requirements to move a lot closer to a framework for the accounting and taxation treatments of PurePlay® Notes said a person who attended. Teams expect that the process can be advanced from the foundation established today.

PurePlay Holdings management advised today that a process of independent legal clearance has been initiated on the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act and the Precious Metals Act.  Initial briefings were done just before Christmas holidays they said and it is expected that this process will be finalised early in March 2014.

PurePlay Holdings today received notification that its Nature’s Vault® Trade Mark application is successful. We expect the others to follow suit said one of the directors.

The directors of PurePlay Holdings and the Directors of the Accounting and Tax divisions of KPMG together with the relevant team members held a full factual assessment meeting lasting over 4 hours on the PurePlay® Project. The meeting went very well said one of the attendees, given that a lot of information had to be distributed and evaluated. A solid trust base for a free flow of information was established.

The legal status of a PurePlay ® Instrument has been advised by Senior Counsel to be that of a Note sounding in minerals as expected. The implication is that the PurePlay® Note now has a definitive category in terms of the Financial Markets Act for listing purposes.

PurePlay Holdings and KPMG have agreed terms to appoint KPMG to prepare independent accounting and taxation opinions for the PurePlay® Project. PurePlay® Management has initiated the briefing process and expects the process to obtain opinions to be completed by the end of February 2014.

Briefed Senior Counsel to prepare a legal opinion for the FTSE-JSE on the status of a PurePlay® Instrument. It is expected that the Senior Counsel opinion will say that the PurePlay® Instrument is a Note sounding in a mineral.

The first batch of PurePlay® international trade mark applications have been accepted and are now subject generally to a two month “objection period”. The trade mark registrations will be granted after the objection period provided that no material objections are raised against the trade mark registrations.

Initiated contact with KPMG to prepare independent Accounting and Taxation Opinions on the PurePlay® Project. The objectives are to establish international accounting standards for PurePlay® Notes and Issuances and to establish the expected taxation and VAT implications and treatments for PurePlay® Note Programs.  

First formal full PurePlay® Proposal and PurePlay® Board Papers prepared for a potential issuer. Submission of the proposal is conditional on external accounting and legal opinions on PurePlay® Technical aspects.

Preparations have been initiated to file an international PCT Patent application for the PurePlay® Intellectual Property. It is expected that the PTC Patent Application will be lodged before the end of February 2014.

The second phase of the PurePlay® marketing drive has been developed and initiated. Potential customers, Investors and support institutions have been given full access to information and latest technical development. Marketing has progressed to such an extent and there is sufficient interest in  progressing  PurePlay® issuance that formal independent technical sign off on the PurePlay® Project is called for.

The new comprehensive website is in its final testing phase and is targeted to go live on 9 October 2013.

The process to register international patents on the IP of PurePlay Holding (Pty) Ltd has been initiated. Peter Dawe advised that the instructions to the patent attorneys to proceed with internationalising the PurePlay IP will proceed within the next few days.

The FTSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange ("JSE") advised that the formal application together with supporting documentation and explanations supplied by PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd for the listing of PurePlay® Instruments on the Main Board of the JSE in the ETN section has been submitted to the approvals committee.

Trade Mark Attorneys advised that the PurePlay® trade marks have now also been registered in the USA, the UK and the EU, Canada and Australia.

The PurePlay® Project has developed beyond the first website created and a new website is required to convey the project information. The approach will be to create a detailed information base of the project all centrally accessible to anybody interested. The information will be presented in articles and users can read a basic overview on the home page and detailed views on the specific pages. A Q & A section will have the most common questions encountered by the marketing team."

The patent and trademark attorneys of PurePlay® Holdings advised that the international trademark applications have been filed for registration.

The PurePlay® research team has designed customized issuance models for a number of miners in South Africa, Canada and the USA. The conversation with issuers is often intensely focused on the technical character of the product and project. The true value per Producer of a PurePlay® issuance program also needs to be part of that conversation.

PurePlay Holdings today received another request for a preliminary proposal. “We expect that interest in the issuing of PurePlay® Instruments will continue to grow” said a representative “but we recognize that the evaluation and decision making process will take some time”.

Structured solutions for the use of PurePlay® Instruments have been standardised and are ready for introduction to the market. Letters will be sent in the next few days said a person with knowledge at PurePlay Holdings.

PurePlay® marketing has been expanded to include potential issuing Producers in the USA and Canada. Product specific marketing has now been expanded to include oil.

The PurePlay® marketing team successfully presented the PurePlay® smaller miner structure. “We certainly want to explore this option, please provide us with a firm proposal”; was the response.

PurePlay Holdings received a request for and developed a successful structure which would facilitate issues of PurePlay® Instruments by smaller miners.

PurePlay Holdings initiated the process to gain approval from the FTSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange for the listing of PurePlay® Instruments for a variety of potential issuers and for a variety of potential minerals.

Producer feedback from a full technical team from a leading multi-national after what was described as “a most interesting presentation and concept” commented that “we believe there are clear merits based on the fundamental principles …”

Innovation and development continues at PurePlay Holdings and the latest additions to intellectual property were delivered to the patent attorneys today.

“We expect that a supplementary patent application will be lodged for PurePlay Holdings within the next two weeks”; the attorney of record advised.

Feedback received from Investors on the pricing of PurePlay® Instruments indicated a need from Investors to understand the PurePlay® arbitrage with traditional ETF instruments. Research was launched to establish the systematic implementation of the arbitrage and its benefits for Investors.

The encouraging results of the research have now been published on the PurePlay Holdings website.

PurePlay Holdings today reported that the historical research into the viability of PurePlay® Instruments issued as if as far back as 1975 has been completed on Platinum, Palladium, Copper and Oil (WTI). “These excellent viability results can now be reported to potential issuers”; said one of the researchers.

The PurePlay® marketing team today kicked off its marketing by presenting the project to AngloGold Ashanti Ltd in an early morning presentation. They then had to rush to Sandton for an afternoon presentation at Gold Fields Ltd.

Both presentations went very well, reported the team

The PurePlay® marketing team takes the PurePlay® Project to Investors today. “It is important to us to understand the needs of Investors and to get feedback from them on the project”; one of the members said.

PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd has lodged applications for the registration of four trademarks. The concepts of PurePlay®, Nature’s Vault™, As Good As Gold™, and Sp☼t True Value™ are all used to describe the characteristics of PurePlay® Instruments and the PurePlay® Project.

PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd lodged its patent for the PurePlay® intellectual property with the Registrar of Patents, Designs, Trade Marks and Copyrights on 25 February 2013. We were today advised by our patent attorneys that our provisional patent application has been accepted.

Patents and Trade Marks

The Intellectual Property of PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd is protected by world-wide pending Patents.

Trademarks awaiting registration are PurePlay™, Nature’s Vault™, As Good as Gold™ and Sp☼t True Value™.

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