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PurePlay® Instruments for Investors

PurePlay® Instruments cut out the middle man and bring commodity Investors and commodity Producers together in a symbiotic relationship to the advantage of both. Investors now get access to commodity investments in an absolute cost efficient manner (zero costs) compared to holding, insuring and storing physical commodities or compared to holding investments in commodity ETFs where structuring, storage, trustee, promoter and many other costs apply.

What exactly is a PurePlay® Instrument? The PurePlay® Product gives Investors direct access to the mineral value of Reserves held by mineral Producers while Producers will absorb all the costs of storage, insurance and delivery as well as perform all the tasks and meeting all the logistic challenges of delivering the mineral to the Investor at the end of the storage period.

The Listed or OTC- tradable PurePlay® Instrument is a direct competitor for the investment flow into commodity ETFs. The PurePlay® instrument however is a superior instrument to similar ETF instruments which is best described in a comparison between the two products. We use gold ETFs in this practical example.

Commodity investments have many purposes and justifications. The commodity trading environment offers all the basic investment premises, hedging inflation, seeking value in under-priced assets, tapping into a strong bull market and more. The most prohibitive obstacle to commodity investments has always been the logistical and storage challenges and their associated costs, particularly in commodities of lower value and higher bulk and those requiring specialist storage conditions such as crude oil.

The PurePlay® Instrument is generally a known and superior quality risk to take compared to ETFs Instruments, which are often described as “Insolvency Remote”. We have published a full article on this subject on our “Articles” page.

Liquidity in PurePlay® Instruments denominated in gold, platinum and palladium where ETFs have been established will be facilitated by the PurePlay® Instrument/ETF Instrument arbitrage. Markets seldom start out being liquid but PurePlay® Instruments issued in minerals where there are existing ETFs can utilise the ETF Arbitrage trade to make attractive profits. 

PurePlay® Instruments offer delivery options beyond the physical delivery of the commodity, to accommodate the needs of Investors who do not actually want to take delivery of the physical commodity.

Patents and Trade Marks

The Intellectual Property of PurePlay Holdings (Pty) Ltd is protected by world-wide pending Patents.

Trademarks awaiting registration are PurePlay™, Nature’s Vault™, As Good as Gold™ and Sp☼t True Value™.

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